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Sweets, Alcohol, and Deferring Taxes

What could sweets, alcohol, and deferring taxes have in common? Plenty. All three are fun to enjoy in moderation, but when overdone, they all come with consequences. Today, Americans saving for retirement have the option of either Traditional IRA/401k/403b accounts…

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Call Us First

The reason we are independent and fee-only is so that you can always Call Us First. If you are getting close to retirement and need to make choices with your company, Call Us First. If you want to update your estate…

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IRS Dysfunction

The greatest country on the planet has a serious problem when our tax regulatory agency has become completely dysfunctional.  It has become virtually impossible without extraordinary efforts to resolve even the simplest of issues with the IRS.  Many reading this…

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The Best Inflation Hedge

The question “du jour” is: what do you think is the best inflation hedge? The answer may seem unlikely to some, but it can be a worthwhile option. Before we answer the question regarding the best inflation hedge, I want…

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