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Temporary Guardianship

There is a certain legal document that is often frequently overlooked. Most people are ignorant to its importance, and most lawyers do not discuss it. The document is called the temporary guardianship/custody form and associated copy of a minor’s insurance…

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Unoccupied or Vacant Homes

This article has two purposes: First, to highlight the typically unknown risk of owning a home that lacks full-time residents. Second, to explain the difference of what it means for a home to be either unoccupied or vacant. The nuances of these two…

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Should You Carry a Long-Term Mortgage?

It’s not uncommon to consider paying off your mortgage when you get close to retirement or come into a large sum of cash. It’s also not uncommon for many financial advisors to recommend maintaining or even taking out a mortgage…

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Cash Flow versus Budgeting

To me personal budgeting is a lot like dieting. If I diet and blow the diet, I eat even more. If I set a budget and then blow the budget, I spend even more. [Psychologically I already feel badly so…

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