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Investment Planning

Do you feel confident with your current investments? Is your 401(k) diversified and aligned with your goals? Do you want to ensure your assets go where you want them to after you pass away? Asset management services from Financial Consulate help you avoid the pitfalls of navigating the financial world alone. We have the expertise to manage your investments, retirement plans, taxes, and other aspects of your personal finances.

If you’re interested in building and protecting your wealth, please call Financial Consulate today. You can reach our Hunt Valley, MD office at 410-823-7283, our Gettysburg, PA location at 717-334-1861, and our Fernandina Beach, FL office at 904-833-7283.

Our Asset Managers

An asset manager is a professional who oversees your personal finances and helps you make sound financial decisions. At Financial Consulate, we invest a great deal of time, money, and resources into training our asset managers. Our team boasts a high level of knowledge and years of experience, so you can put your trust in our abilities.

The asset managers at Financial Consulate are required to hold a CPA, CFP®, or MBA. Many have more than one degree or certification to their name. Before a new asset manager joins our team, we require them to work under a mentor for at least two to five years. This tried-and-true training approach ensures you always have access to a higher level of advisor, regardless of which team member with whom you work.

What Does Investment Planning Include?

Ultimately, the goal of asset management is to create and preserve wealth by addressing all areas of your personal financial situation. Wherever you’re at in life, you can probably benefit from asset management services, especially if you’re nearing retirement age. When you pursue asset management services, you can obtain assistance with any or all of the following:


Portfolio diversification


Education Planning

What Does an Investment Planning Company Do?

In short, investment planning companies manage their clients’ funds and make investments on their behalf with the goal of increasing the overall value of their clients’ portfolio. This involves diversifying investments with more options than individual clients would have access to by themselves. The specific tasks of an asset management company may include:

  • Researching investment options
  • Reviewing your account and proposing certain adjustments
  • Determining when to buy and sell assets
  • Watching the market and forecasting the future outlook
  • Helping you decide which type of insurance coverage you need and when to buy
  • Investing money from your 401(k) to help you retire comfortably
  • Helping to reduce estate tax liability
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What Is Investment Planning?

You need an investment planning to manage your funds successfully. This plan serves as a road map that defines your short- and long-term financial goals. It considers your income, debts, retirement plans, business loans, bank accounts, trust funds, and all other assets and liabilities. With this, you can create a strategy for building and protecting your wealth.

Contact Financial Consulate for Investment Planning Services

Investment planning is appropriate for anyone hoping to create a stable financial future for themselves and their families. Rest assured that we operate entirely independently and offer fee-only advising, ensuring we always put our clients’ needs first.

To find out more about our asset management services, please contact Financial Consulate today. While we have offices in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida, we serve clients across the nation.  

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