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Do you generally live below your means? Do you value financial independence over social status? Have you worked hard over many years to get yourself where you are today? We do our best work with people like this: the Millionaire-Next-Door. Those who want to unburden themselves from the responsibilities of wealth management. Those who are looking for a comprehensive wealth advisor for help particularly in the areas of retirement planning, investment management, and deep tax planning. They choose to delegate this work to us as a partner so they can spend more time on their own passions and more time with their family and friends.

You may be a good fit if:
  • You’re seeking a long-term partnership with an advisor
  • You’re seeking a comprehensive advisor relationship that encompasses all areas of your personal finances, including investment management
  • You’re seeking an advisor with expertise in tax planning who also offers tax preparation
You may not be a good fit if:
  • You’re only seeking a one-time financial plan
  • You only want help with investments and are primarily concerned with “beating the market”
  • You’re looking for the lowest cost advisor
  • You are strictly a do-it-yourselfer and have no interest in delegating
Our Client Profiles

To ensure our advisors have the capacity to give each client the focus they deserve, we maintain a minimum of $500,000 to invest.

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