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NAPFA Registered

Financial Planners Serving Clients Across the Nation

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is an organization that registers highly trained, fee-only financial advisors who are committed to working in their clients’ best interests. NAPFA, which started in 1983, provides support and education for financial practitioners nationwide.

If you’re interested in working with a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor with the ability to serve client across the nation, consider choosing Financial Consulate. We are focused on advising our clients and building life-long relationships, not making a sale and moving on. We’re certain you’ll be satisfied with our services largely because we’re registered with NAPFA.

To learn more about NAPFA, or to schedule an introductory appointment with our team, please contact Financial Consulate today. You can reach our Hunt Valley, MD office at 410-823-7283, our Gettysburg, PA location at 717-334-1861, and our Fernandina Beach, FL office at 904-833-7283.

Our Fee-Only Financial Advising Philosophy

There are two primary ways financial advisors earn money: commissions and fees. The problem with commissions is that it opens the door to unscrupulous behavior. A less suitable product for the client could result in higher commissions for the advising firm, creating a conflict of interest that many advisors have difficulty overcoming. Fee-only financial advising prevents this problem because the only compensation the CFPs receive is directly from their clients.

Financial Consulate adheres to a fee-only financial philosophy. This ensures we act as a fiduciary, or in the best interest of our clients, no matter what. All NAPFA members are required to work within this fee-only structure, which is one of the reasons why so few financial advisors across the country can claim to be NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors.

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What Is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor?

Members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors meet certain requirements and earn the right to call themselves NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors. This prestigious title identifies competent professionals who subscribe to a high code of ethics. Their only purpose is to improve their clients’ financial well-being.

Of the 300,000 people in the US who call themselves financial advisors, less than 1 percent adhere to the strict standards that NAPFA requires. Here’s what sets Financial Consulate apart as a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor:


All of our advisors are Certified Financial Planners (CFPs).


Our CFPs sign NAPFA’s Fiduciary Oath once a year to solidify their intent to act in their clients’ best interests at all times, even if it means the firm will make less money.


We meet continuing education requirements that are more robust than what the CFP Board requires.


We offer comprehensive financial services.


We operate on an objective, fee-only basis, meaning we don’t accept commissions, referral fees, or kickbacks.


We subscribe to NAPFA’s Code of Ethics, which requires us to provide objectivity, confidentiality, competence, fairness and suitability, integrity and honesty, regulatory compliance, full disclosure, and professionalism to each of our clients.

Meet Our Financial Advisors for Expert Advice

There’s one way to find a financial advisor who will always put your interests first: make sure they’re registered with NAPFA! To learn more about Financial Consulate, start by scheduling a no-cost, no-obligation meeting where you can interview our team and get to know us better.

If you like what you see, opt for a Financial Physical®, which is a comprehensive analysis that determines your overall financial health. Even at this point, there’s no obligation to become an ongoing client, but if you do, we’ll waive the $2,500 fee to perform this analysis.

Ready to start receiving expert advice from our financial advisors? Contact Financial Consulate today to get started.

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