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About Us


As a Financial Consulate client, you are supported by the entire Consulate team. While unique and gifted individuals can do excellent work, collaboration brings a depth and breadth of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to each of your questions and thoughts.


Our tagline is Redefining Wealth, but really, we are simply reclaiming the original meaning. We know that fulfillment in life is not derived from the mere accumulation of currency and investments, but from true wealth—contentment. Your true wealth will be your own unique lifestyle, portfolio, and net worth statement.


We have created a methodology we call TRIUNE PLANNING®. A truly comprehensive financial plan consists of Life Planning, Financial Planning, and Information Planning.


Over 30 years ago, Drew Tignanelli was a 23-year-old, fledgling financial advisor, frustrated with the sales orientation of his occupation. So he set out to create an environment in which he and other like-minded advisors could build a truly professional financial advisory firm.


Have you ever wanted to learn more about personal finance through true education without the sales pitch? The Financial Consulate’s mission is to help reduce the worry and burden of money management. Thousands of people have achieved this through our educational seminars to businesses, non-profit organizations, associations, municipalities, and government agencies with quality education for employees and constituents for over two decades.

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