Retirement Planning in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware & Washington, DC

Every hardworking man and woman wants to retire with a healthy nest egg. You may realize that now’s the time to plan for life after retirement, but you’re not sure how. Retirement planning services from Financial Consulate will help you develop a strategy to continue living comfortably once you stop working.

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Analyzing Your Retirement Situation

“When can I retire?” This is often the first question we hear from our clients. To help you determine the answer, we’ll begin our relationship with you by thoroughly analyzing your finances with our Financial Physical®. The retirement planning portion of this service considers the following factors:

  • Accumulated assets and debts
  • Estimated earned income and expenses from now until retirement
  • Estimated rate of return on existing investments
  • Income expectations and expenses following retirement
  • Pension benefits
  • Current and post-retirement tax income and capital gains tax rates
  • Required minimum distributions and related taxes
  • Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid eligibility and benefits

With this information in mind, we can help you determine at what age you are able to retire and what your assets should look like if you hope to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle after retirement.

Investing in Your Retirement Plan

Often, an employer-sponsored 401(k) or 403(b) is an employee’s largest retirement asset. Contributing to your plan is a necessary first step, but failure to manage and invest funds from your retirement plan properly could negatively impact your life after retirement. At the same time, positioning your account improperly or allocating funds haphazardly could impede the growth of your nest egg.

Stop stressing about your retirement plan and let Financial Consulate take it from here. We’ll help you with your tax-deferred contributions by investing them in diversified options to mitigate risk. While monitoring the economic landscape, we’ll also allocate your retirement funds according to your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Retirement Planning After You Stop Working

Many people think that once they retire, there isn’t much more they can do to increase their income stream. This type of thinking can needlessly affect your and your family’s lifestyle! The fact is retirement planning doesn’t stop just because you’re no longer working. You can continue investing and growing your wealth well into your retirement years, so you won’t have to wonder if you have enough funds or if they will last.

Financial Consulate uses conservative, diversified investment options to attempt to smooth out potential rough market conditions. We want your life to be comfortable and stable after retirement, and quarterly reviews ensure that everything stays on track.

Choose Financial Consulate for Retirement Planning Services in MD, DC, VA, DE & PA

When it comes to maximizing your retirement, a good first step is starting early and working with an investment firm that has your best interests at heart. Financial Consulate will structure a portfolio that aligns with your goals, help you make an educated decision on your pension options, and offer an estimated target date to begin retirement.

Retirement planning is just one of the many financial management services we offer. Let us handle all your assets for portfolio diversification, insurance planning, estate planning, and much more. Our independent, fee-only investment firm always puts our clients’ needs first!

To work with a retirement planning company based in the Mid-Atlantic, please contact Financial Consulate today.