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The reason we are independent and fee-only is so that you can always Call Us First. If you are getting close to retirement and need to make choices with your company, Call Us First. If you want to update your estate documents, Call Us First.  If your child is headed to college, Call Us First. If you want new quotes for auto and home insurance, Call Us First. If you think you should get long-term care insurance, Call Us First. If your parent’s health is deteriorating and you are worried financially, Call Us First. If you are making choices about company benefits, Call Us First. If you received a letter from the IRS, Call Us First, even if we did not prepare the tax return. If you want to make gifts to children or help them out financially, Call Us First. If you want to make a substantial charitable contribution, Call Us First.  If there is an issue with your finances, your children, or your parents, Call Us First.

We are comprehensive, generational planners. If an issue deals with your money or if you want to use your funds to help your children or parents, then let us help you think it out. I often hear, “I am not sure whether you are the ones that can help me with this?”. If it deals with your finances or costs money, then the answer is yes; a professional financial advisor is the best person to guide you to a solution. When you have a medical issue, you start with your general practitioner of medicine, and when you have a financial issue, you should start with your independent, fiduciary financial advisor.

In 44 years of practice, I have seen most everything you can imagine and even obscure things like structured settlements (a liability claim paid out over a series of years instead of a lump sum). Comprehensive fee-only advice is what every advisor at the Consulate does, in addition to investing and overseeing your portfolio. It is important that your portfolio, estate, income tax, company benefits, insurances, balance sheet, cash flow, goals, and risk tolerance all are working in unison. It is very frustrating to see people fail to get any cohesive fiduciary advice in conjunction with their portfolio when they invest monies outside of independent comprehensive fee-only firms, often at the same fee structure.

Remember that our fees are no different if you call asking for help as needed. Remember that we are fee-only and do not sell insurances and investments. We are not attorneys and cannot draft estate documents; however, we can educate you to be best prepared when talking with the attorney, who is paid on an hourly rate. If it deals with your personal finances, then Call US First, because we are here to educate you to make sound decisions.

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Financial Consulate aims to help lessen the worry and burden of wealth management and enhance financial wellness so our clients can pursue relationships and true fulfillment. Choose the professionals at Financial Consulate as your Certified Financial Planners™ (CFP®) to take advantage of our educational, ethical approach to financial planning. Our services are comprehensive, including tax planning, investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and more. We operate completely independently and offer fee-only services to keep your vision in line with our recommendations at all times. While we have offices in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Fernandina Beach, Florida, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, we serve clients across the nation. To begin your partnership with a trustworthy wealth advisor, please contact Financial Consulate today.

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