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Planning for your financial future might not be at the top of your list today, but you’ll wish it had been when that future quickly becomes your present situation. Unless you’re specially trained to navigate the complex world of financial planning, you could end up making a costly mistake that could seriously impact your future quality of life.

At Financial Consulate, our team of expert advisors is here to help you plan effectively for your financial future. We take a personalized approach to your finance needs, taking the time to understand each client’s personal, professional, and financial situation to better inform our planning process. Get the financial assistance you need to plan for a brighter tomorrow by contacting Financial Consulate today.

Types of Financial Planning Services Financial Consulate Provides

Our team of highly skilled financial advisors has the experience necessary to help you plan for a number of life events. We proudly offer the following financial planning services to residents throughout Baltimore, Maryland:

  • Retirement Planning: Our team will help ensure you live a comfortable life after retirement, carefully analyzing your income needs and expenses as they relate to your accumulated assets and debts, estimated earned income, and estimated rate of return on existing investments.
  • Investment Advisory: We’ll act in an advisory capacity to help guide you through your investment options and make the wisest decisions to safeguard your financial future. Our team will help you diversify your portfolio and continually monitor progress to keep your financial goals on track.
  • Estate Planning: Ensure your beneficiaries are in order prior to your passing with our estate planning services. We’ll analyze your assets, debts, and investments to ensure the loved ones you leave behind are taken care of in the exact manner you wanted them to be after your death.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, financial planning is imperative for helping to ensure a brighter future. For personalized financial assistance in Baltimore, look no further than Financial Consulate: Contact our team to schedule your appointment today!

Why Choose Financial Consulate’s Financial Planning Services?

Financial Consulate prides itself on providing personalized financial planning to residents throughout Baltimore. It’s important to us that our customers trust that their investments are in the hands of knowledgeable financial planners, which is why we only employ Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) to help you navigate your financial future. Each of our CFPs features the following qualifications:


Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university


CFP Board financial planning education requirements satisfied


Complete the 7-hour CFP Certification Exam


7-hour CFP Certification Examination completed


Three years’ qualifying work experience

Passed the candidate Fitness Standards and background check

At Financial Consulate, we use a fee-only financial advising method, meaning our advisors collect a percentage of the total investment portfolio to help keep the interests of our clients and advisors closely aligned. Since both parties benefit when the portfolio increases in value, it’s wise to choose a CFP whose fee depends on the success of your investments. Find the financial advisor you need to take control of your financial future by contacting our team today.

Start Planning for a Brighter Future in Baltimore, MD with Financial Consulate!

From retirement planning to investment advisory and everything in between, Financial Consulate is your go-to resource for all things financial planning. We provide you with the personal guidance necessary for achieving continued financial success. Contact our team to get started with our financial planning services today.

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