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Michelle Seda

Director of Operations

Role at The Consulate:
I serve as an advocate for the Consulate team to drive changes to our policies, procedures, and processes related to day-to-day operations and human resources. Another aspect of my job involves executing planning strategies through fulfilling client requests and servicing client accounts.

Educational Background:
I received my bachelor’s degree from Towson University and majored in business administration.

My Favorite Financial Consulate Value:
Collaboration is my favorite Consulate value because two heads are better than one. Everyone comes from a different background, with their own unique perspectives. When we all work together, we can use our differences to benefit the client in a valuable way and learn a lot from each other.

Outside the Office:
I enjoy spending time outdoors and how I spend my time outside looks different every day. Sometimes I am enjoying the day with my three kids, other times I am running, and some days I am outside working on my latest home renovation project.

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