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Preparing, creating, and safeguarding a financial nest egg can be overwhelming. Unless you’re trained in the intricacies of the complex and ever-changing world of finance, you could end up making poor investment decisions. You can trust the expertise of the Financial Consulate’s financial planners in Adams County, PA. Our team of Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and accountants adhere to a strict code of values. In addition, we require our financial advisors to maintain continuing education in excess of the requirement of the CFP® Board and are one of the few financial advisory firms nationwide that are registered with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)’s rigorous ethical standards.

We’ll help you manage your investments while following stringent rules and regulations. Perhaps you’re contemplating the impact of a forthcoming event, such as retirement, inheritance, the sale of a business, or the death of a spouse. Everyone’s financial needs and goals are unique, and our fee-only financial planners work tirelessly to cater our financial planning services to suit you.

To learn more about financial planning in Adams County, or to request a Financial Physical®, please contact a member of the Financial Consulate team to set up an introductory appointment.

Adams County Fee-Only Financial Advisors

There are two primary ways companies in the investment industry earn money: commissions and fees. Before the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, most investment products were sold by brokers who collected a commission on the sale price of the transaction. On an individual basis, this is perfectly acceptable, but it opens the door to unscrupulous behavior. After all, a broker’s loyalty is to his company, and the more transactions he completes, the larger his bonus will be. That’s why we do things differently.

Financial Consulate uses the fee-only financial advising method. This means an advisor collects a percentage of the total investment portfolio, thus aligning the interests of the client and advisor. After all, when the portfolio increases in value, both parties benefit. This is different from commission-based financial planning, where brokers can make money based on individual transactions, even if the portfolio’s overall value goes down.

Financial Consulate offers fee-only financial advising in Adams County that’s truly in your best interest. There are no commissions, kickbacks, or referral fees to get in the way of putting our client’s interests first, and we won’t try to sell you products you don’t want or need.

Retirement Planning in Adams County

You have worked hard to build your career over the past few decades. Now, you’re wondering when you can settle down for a comfortable retirement. With retirement planning services in Adams County from Financial Consulate, we’ll help you develop a financial strategy to ensure you live a comfortable lifestyle after you stop working. Here are some of the critical factors we analyze:

  • Accumulated assets and debts
  • Estimated earned income and expenses from now until retirement
  • Rate of return on existing investments
  • Income needs and expenses after retirement
  • Current and post-retirement tax income and capital gains tax rates
  • Required minimum distributions and related taxes
  • Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid eligibility and benefits

Investment Advisory & Wealth Management

Monitoring and acting upon the continually changing investment market is a delicate and time-consuming affair that is rife with potential pitfalls. The experienced and ethical investment advisory team at Financial Consulate in Adams County can help you manage your return on investment by diversifying your portfolio and continually monitor its progress with regard to your financial circumstances and life events.

Our wealth management team takes the time to carefully assess every aspect of your financial standing before making any advisement. This gives us an insider’s view of your specific situation so that we can formulate individualized investment recommendations that suit you perfectly.

Certified Financial Planners (CFP) in Adams County

It’s important to only trust your investment portfolio to a Certified Financial Planner, or CFP. These professionals are licensed by the CFP Board after completing the following qualifications:


Earn a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university


Complete the CFP Board financial planning education requirements


Complete the 7-hour CFP Certification Exam


Gain three years of qualifying work experience


Pass the Candidate Fitness Standards and background check

The financial advisors on our team are all highly qualified to manage your financial investments. At Financial Consulate, we pride ourselves on the high level of education, credentials, and experience we can bring to our clients to ensure they have a successful financial future.

Learn How Financial Consulate Can Help You

The financial planners in Adams County at Financial Consulate are highly qualified with the specific certifications, training, and ongoing education needed to manage your wealth, plan your retirement, and perform other financial services. We take an educational approach to financial planning and will never attempt to invest your assets without ensuring it’s the right fit for you. We have taken the Fiduciary Oath to always work in our clients’ best interest at all times!

To work with an experienced, ethical CFP in Adams County, please contact Financial Consulate today.

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