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What is a Financial Physical™?

A Financial Physical™ is a comprehensive assessment used to diagnose whether your financial situation truly supports your values and goals. It takes into account your financial present and looks ahead to your hopes for the future to ensure both are aligned and in support of one another.

The advantages of a comprehensive advisor

Want to learn more about the benefits of utilizing a comprehensive personal wealth and tax advisor? Watch as Drew Tignanelli, CPA, CFP® and Bob Boehner, CPA, CFP® discuss various ways utilizing a firm like Financial Consulate can be advantageous to a client.

Managing money shouldn’t get in the way of living an abundant life, spending time with loved ones, or building a legacy that lasts. Financial Consulate’s clients benefit from working with a firm that helps lessen the worry and burden of wealth management and enhances financial wellness. This way, our clients have more time for what matters most in life. The methodology, standards, and values of our firm contribute to the difference that can be felt as a Financial Consulate client.

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