April 2021

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A Roth Strategy

“But in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin to Jean Baptiste Leroy, November 13, 1789             As the federal deficit of the United States rises ever higher, the more likely we are to rephrase Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote to “except death and ever higher taxes.”…

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Cyber Security Awareness

Join us on Thursday, 2/25 at 12:00 p.m. EST, for our Cyber Security Awareness webinar. Drew Tignanelli and special guest, Ben Schmerler, the Director of Strategic Operations for DP Solutions, will be discussing various cyber security attacks to be aware of and preventative measures to help keep your information safe. Watch Now

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Lemmings, following the pack

We have all heard the story of lemmings following the pack, even to the point of running over a cliff to their death. Whether or not it is true of lemmings, we use this metaphor to draw attention and care to the dangerous place media and politics can take the American public if not considered…

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Covid-19, Working from Home and 2020 Tax Consequences

What an unusual year 2020 has been for tax preparers, business owners, employees, and their families! Businesses have been forced to close, allowed to re-open under varying restrictions, and had to struggle with decisions that greatly impacted their employees. Negotiating loan and grant options and their paperwork and requirements have added to the challenges of…

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MD Now Allows a Beneficiary Designation on an Automobile Title

In 2018 MD began to allow a beneficiary designation on an Automobile Title.  If you own an auto in just one spouses name, then I strongly suggest you put a beneficiary on the auto title.  It is very easy and can be done online at this site: https://securetransactions.mva.maryland.gov/emvastore/(S(gliilmpow5mrd41fljq50nep))/MustHave2.aspx  Many times when the first spouse passes…

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